„Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” – Lauren Hutton


Online, in person, in writing, in the form of an informalconversation or lecture, adjusted toyourdemands and availability. My firstpriority is for you to get to knowyourselffrom a differentangle and to find a look which is truly you.

Exclusive report

Duringthestyling consultations I willprovidedetailed and personalised informationwhichwill lead to you dressing confidently and maintaining a balancedwardrobein the future.

Shopping with a stylist

I am invitingyoufor a special and exciting meeting where we will havethe opportunity togettoknoweach other and over the course of a pleasant chat I will assess your strengths, needs and personality.

Online styling

E-styling, an impressive and convenient innovation of the XXI century is worth utilising and leads to extremelyeffectivecooperation between us.

For companies and leaders


For groups it’s possible to order the styling in the form of a lecture. These small group training sessions are all personalised, the main goal of them is for the participants to improve their appearance and to develop their self-confidence.
For companies and leaders, there is a module on issues concerning dress code (business formal or business casual), this is a serious style-guide and could be a useful tool for achieving or maintaining success in the future.

Styling at home

Wardrobe organising

I offer my skills and knowledge to help you create your perfect wardrobe in keeping with the philosophy that ‘less is sometimes more”. As a stylist I would like to emphasise that it’s not all about luxury, sometimes achieving a reasonable and fast return on your fashion investments is also a pleasure.

Styling for photo-shoot


If you would like tosurpriseyourself with a stunning new look and then capture it for posterity photographically then you should turn to me. Afterprofessional hairstyling, makeup and clothing style advice youwill be readyfor photo shoot whichcan take place in aphotostudioora beautiful outdoor location.

Stylist and Fashion designer


I am able to assist you informingyour own uniquestylebutbeyondthis I wouldlikeyoutofindyour own innermotivation and voice through dressingwhichwilllead to healthier self-esteem and a vibrant personalitywhichwill make a long lasting impression your environment.

Get the perfect look for you

An apt analogy, I feel like a painter who immediately sees the beauty and virtues of their model and feels incredibly motivated to show these qualities to her and to the world through their portrait of her, the only difference is that I achieve this goal through my inspiring guidance.

So here I am as ’the painter’, ready and waiting for you with the knowledge, experience and passion to help you create this ’work of art’. Don’t be frightened, be ready to dive in. Be pretty, amazing and memorable! Some people may be blessed with a perfect physique and beauty but style gives everyone the opportunity to be happy and well-balanced.
Don’t let life pass you by without taking the opportunity to be who you really want to be and making your dreams come true. Spread your wings and fly!


What people say about me?

Christian Dior

Ttrademark of a woman

„You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes. Too many women think that they are unimportant, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet.”